About Us

We are a handful of people, united by the power of helping the needy and powered through the internet. We share the common goal of educating needy children in the rural villages of Morocco, clothing, feeding and schooling the orphans in the Atlas mountains, providing emergency shelter and supplies to snowed-in villagers in Morocco, supply winter apparel to needy children, providing free custom-made wheelchairs to disabled children, whose parents cannot afford the bare essentials such food and clothing.

We are a team of  “Citizens of the World” who see the need and attempt to fulfill it through philanthropic action that can turned into a self-sustainable operation.

We welcome anyone willing to join a team of highly-dedicated volunteers, be in the US or any other location. We are using the power of the internet to bridge gaps, connect folks, fund projects, dig wells, build schools, collect books, assemble wheelchairs and more.

We thank you for stopping by our new website and hope to count you among our other loyal supporters.

The Morocco Foundation Team